Enterprise Architecture Services

Enterprise Architecture Assessment

Enterprise Architecture (EA) helps business and IT alignment in a structured, efficient and sustainable manner. We implement EA services as a tool for strategic cost management. Our services include:

  • Enterprise Architecture Assessment (Assessment of existing Enterprise Architecture program)
  • Benchmarking against industry-best practices and industry peers
  • Identifying the areas of improvement

Enterprise Architecture Content

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the holistic view of an enterprise's process, information and IT assets. A common understanding of EA across the organization is essential for success. This service includes:

  • Translation of strategic business goals to IT goals
  • Discovery and documentation of as-is architecture and corporate-specific constraints
  • Cost-effective migration of existing architecture documentation into an EA tool
  • To-be architecture and IT roadmap definition
Enterprise Architecture Setup

Enterprise Architecture is the holistic view of an enterprise's process, information and IT assets. It helps align Business and IT in a structured, efficient and sustainable manner.

This service includes

  • Defining EA vision and objectives
  • Preparing business case for EA
  • Defining roles and responsibilities of the organization
  • Defining operating policies and principles, architecture processes and communication models
  • Structuring investment model for EA activities
  • Defining and implementing EA metrics
  • Identifying suitable EA definition frameworks
  • Selecting and implementing tools to support the EA process

Enterprise Architecture Strategy and Governance

Bhavyam’s Enterprise Architecture Strategy and Governance provides guidance to leverage technology for business strategy development and competitive advantage. It includes:

Product Evaluation and Selection

Bhavyam offers a thorough fact-based evaluation and selection process to provide a better understanding of differences among vendor offerings, in the context of your IT landscape to identify vendors that best meet your requirements.

Solution Architecture Assessment

We offer a complete architectural analysis and assessment of your IT application, focusing on Quality of Service (QOS) parameters such as scalability, performance, interoperability, usability, etc

Solution Architecture Definition

We define the solution architecture required to implement solutions to meet business requirements and ensures alignment with the Enterprise Architecture using industry best practices.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Implementation

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural strategy that helps achieve tighter business-IT alignment. SOA provides agility - a crucial requirement for sustained business competitiveness - to enterprises by creating flexible business processes and offering practical and cost-effective means of integration. It uses standards-based interfaces to facilitate needs-based access to IT resources spread over an enterprise network. Bhavyam offers a suite of SOA services: